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Cool Meet

The FREE Ultimate Video Meeting

Unleash the potential of virtual classrooms with “Cool Meet” App that offers unlimited video meeting time for an unlimited number of participants.

Unlimited Video Time

Enjoy free unlimited video meeting with no time restrictions

Record Meeting.

video recording is available, you can record the meeting and save it in your local device for future needs

Invitation link.

Create an invitation link and send it to your students, they can join your meeting directly via this link from any device even if they are not member of cooledu

Unlimited Participants.

You invite any number of students to join your classroom

Share Screen.

Share your presentation and let students engage with you

CoolMeet Groups

Schools and Academies

You can create different  group for each class, each group will have its own CoolMeet Room in addition to more extra education services for your students

let all your classes work at the same time simultaneously, each class will have its own CoolMeet room

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