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You can build your educational network; add your favorite teachers or other students to your connection list, post and share your own or other educational contents.

Book live sessions and interact directly with your teacher and other students, you can search for classes suite your availability time and budget.

If you are a teachers you can publish your classes, set your session’s price and dates

You can enroll to courses you like and study on your pace. Courses contain videos, documents, quizzes, and assignments, you can gain an attending certificate after finishing your course which could be published on your CoolEDU timeline or your other social network accounts

If you are a teacher, you can create unlimited number of courses for free and assign each course to a study group. You can manually enroll your students or let them enroll by their own either for free or onetime fees or monthly subscription

Create a page for your school or academy which could be operated by your stuff members, you can post to CoolEDU timeline either by your page identity or by your personal profile.

Find educational events nearby your location or join it online, events could be courses, trainings, seminars, or any other educational events.

All members could publish their own events, sell online tickets, and manage their attendees from their dashboard

Most Asked Questions

CoolEDU is an educational network which could be used by anyone who is providing or looking for educational service, they could be teachers, students, trainers, parents, schools, academies.

CoolEDU doesn’t provide any of the educational contents by itself, CoolEDU is a platform to facilitate the communication between people who provides and those who are looking for educational service.

CoolEDU is a free plateform. You can sign up and use all our services for free, if you provide any educational service and student decides to pay you via our online payment system in this case CoolEDU will get 15% of this payment.

Yes, you can contact teachers and pay them directly but don’t do that unless you already know and totally trust the teacher. Its highly recommended to read other students’ reviews and check teacher rating.

If you paid using CoolEDU online payment system and reported your case within 3 days after the session, then we will investigate your case and will refund you if you have the right, money will be refunded to your CoolEDU wallet so you can reuse it again at any time.

Yes, most of time there are offers provided by CoolEDU, it could be Cash Back, discount coupons, credit gifts. etc.  Follow our Facebook page or contact us to find out our offers.

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