How to control my kids during The Online Education

Don’t, because if you took it from the controlling point, believe me it will never happen; not by yelling, neither by being smart manipulating their drives for education.

But who doesn’t want a fast result when it comes to kids?! We all do. Well, this might take a longer time but it’s definitely more effect.

First, Calm Down

You have to fix your own motivation for your kids education; most of us are drowned in the idea of Kids Must Get Educated, but we’re walking with the flow without knowing why must they, and that drives us crazy at the end, and your kids won’t get educated when you’re not behaving at least like an adult about it.

Here’s some suggested motivations,
– To get them busy doing good, helping others, give benefits to their community.
– To protect them from the world’s misleading.
– To be financially capable.

Second, create a motivation for them to get educated

Comparisons are the worst way to motivate your kids, so never try it, it only evolves animosity in their hearts and jealousy for the people they must love and support.

And when kids aren’t aware of the world totally and hard to create their own motivations, give them options to choose from, you can pick one of previous mentioned motivations, while giving them the touch needed for their understanding, kids are so smart.

Third, treat your kid as a responsible human

Kids are counted for their deeds, once the reach puberty age, but for most of us they never grow. It’s something we need to work for.

In the most of communities, people actually (legally or illegally) get married and have their own independent life around 15 years old, they start making their own mistakes, and make it their own way. So parents must let go sometimes, to avoid two things:
1- To overload their kids by too much control.
2- To overload their own selves by too long burden.

Finally, here’s some quick tricks for the times when you’ve less patience:
– Give them deadlines
– Always always always be at your word when you promise a reward, and when you promise some punish.

– Don’t laugh when it’s serious, and don’t be serious when it’s time to laugh.
– Make learning a happy time, if you couldn’t, then at least don’t relate education with heavy burdens and yelling in your kids minds.

Hoping that was helpful,
Thank you for reading.

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